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Frontier Centre Analysis on Higher Education Policy Issues

Protests in Quebec over planned tuition increases during the past academic year have sparked a considerable amount of debate over the current state of post-secondary education in Canada. Frontier Centre analysts have been active participants in this debate, and the Frontier Centre has become one of the country’s leading sources of public policy analysis on issues related to tuition fees and other issues surrounding higher education.

Why Teachers Unions Shouldn’t Run Education

Congratulations to Gary Mason for a fine piece in today's Globe, correctly asserting that the elected government of British Columbia rather than the B.C. Teachers' Federation should run the province's education system. The union and the government are currently in a...

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Manitoba’s Bill 18 Fails the Test of Good Legislation

Bullying is deeply hurtful to students and destructive to the culture of schools. In the past, bullying was often dismissed as a minor issue, but today school officials and the general public take it much more seriously. Several provinces, including Manitoba, have decided to redress school bullying with legislation. But, to be effective, the legislation must satisfy two fundamental criteria: it must define bullying accurately, and it must respect existing rights and freedoms.

You Can No Longer Fail in School

“Zwaagstra has been writing educational papers for years, but this one (An ‘F’ for Social Promotion) is making some serious waves, and deserves the national attention it’s getting. That’s because it’s a wake up call to snap us out of drunken delusions our education system has allowed to become common practice.”