1st Annual Responsible Budgeting Report

Responsible Budgeting is a new project by the Frontier Centre for Public Policy aimed at giving citizens a broader understanding of how provincial and territorial governments receive and spend money in relatable terms. In a time when many governments are hard-pressed...

Lessons from Lac-Megantic

Executive Summary Since 2008, the United States has been developing important policy relating to risk in the transportation of dangerous goods by rail. The dialogue has not been restricted to the conventional corporate participants—the chemical producers and...

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$11.2 billion in 2009

Whether one uses 1996 or 2001 as the baseline from which to measure Alberta’s program spending, the result is that Alberta has consistently spent far more than inflation and population growth would justify.

Know a Student who Likes to Think and Needs an Antidote to Canadian Universities?

The Frontier Centre has partnered with the Virginia-based Institute for Humane Studies (IHS) to get Canadian students into summer seminars in some spectacular U.S. cities. Topics to be explored include liberty, freedom, the moral foundations of capitalism, and poverty and prosperity, as analyzed through a libertarian framework. Know a student who likes to think and needs an antidote to Canadian universities? Get them to click on the link below. Attendance, lodging, and books are all taken care of. Send bright and contrarian students this link and get them to apply before March 30: