What’s in a school’s name?

What’s in a school’s name?

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada released its report in 2015 saying that that Canada and the Churches that managed the majority of Indian Residential Schools treated Indigenous people as if they were sub-human. If this is true, then why did many...

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Weaponizing the Law

The indictment of former U.S. president Donald Trump for crimes invented by his political opponents is the most egregious example yet seen of the weaponizing of the law. The United States is now full of examples. However, in Canada, we also see the law being...

Scientific American’s Climate Lies

“In December 2009, Scientific American, once a respected popular-science journal and now a pulp science-fiction picture comic, viciously attacked US Senator James Inhofe because he had proclaimed 2009 to be the Year of the Skeptic. By skepticism, he meant “standing up and exposing the science, the costs and the hysteria behind global warming alarmism”.”

No Second Class Citizens

Many think that ACT New Zealand is a party for big business. It is a real tragedy that ACT suffers from this stereotype. It is a tragedy because the profile is so out of whack with the reality. I have spent most of my adult life in the Labour Party. For 21 years I...

Energy Myths and Realities

“I’m going to try to do something that seems impossible these days – and that’s have an honest conversation about energy policy, global warming and what it means for America’s energy future – and for you, the generation that will have to live with the consequences of the policy choices we make.”

A High-growth, Low-tax Welfare State

Over the years, the Orewa Rotary Club has hosted provocative speeches that have set the New Zealand political agenda for the coming year. In February 2009, MP, former Minister of Finance, and Frontier Centre Advisory Board member Sir Roger Douglas gave his assessment of recent economic conditions and what governments can and can’t do to deliver prosperity to their citizens.