Progressive Trade, Regressive Results

Progressive Trade, Regressive Results

If Brett Wilson were still taking business pitches on Dragon’s Den, he would never partner with Canada’s trade negotiators. During a recent television interview, he openly wondered whether or not the negotiators were “delusional, naïve, or stupid.” It seems he settled...

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On Government Growth

From one of my email feeds from New Zealand comes this thoughtful nugget by Dr. Oliver Hartwich, Executive Director of the New Zealand Initiative, a local think tank: Government spending has been rising for the past one and a half centuries. The increase itself is...

Global Warming Proof?

"Icebreakers have been called in to free dozens of ships that became trapped in ice in the Gulf of Finland near St. Petersburg last week. The administration of St. Petersburg's port said at least 97 ships were still waiting for help on Tuesday, down from 160 ships two...

Why Kyoto Failed in Canada

As Canada prepares to enter into negotiations for a climate change pact, it is critical to examine the factors which made Kyoto a failure in this country. The new climate change treaty should only be signed if emission targets are flexible, and responsive to changing demographic and economic conditions.

Growing Heartlandia

There is growing interest in the Great Plains and western Great Lakes regions of the United States and Canada for the concept of Heartlandia, an economic region straddling the middle of the North American continent – a North American central economic region spanning Northwestern Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, North and South Dakota and Minnesota.