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Extremist Opportunism in the COVID Economy

Extremist Opportunism in the COVID Economy

As with the 2008 financial crisis, such an impact presents an opportunity for far-left and far-right extremists to recruit off the back of legitimate grievances. Coupled with the divisive nature of modern politics, as well as the fact that people are spending more...

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Fauci-Birx Climate Models

Honest, evidence-based climate models could avoid trillions of dollars in policy blunders   President Trump and his Coronavirus Task Force presented some frightening numbers during their March 31 White House briefing. Based on now 2-week-old data and models, as...

Creating a High Performance Public School System in Manitoba

If we adopted a clear-headed, results-oriented philosophy of education „Ÿ and embarked in a consequent manner on the reform of standards, finances and administration „Ÿ we could create the strongest public school system in the country. Instead of the province which spends the largest percentage of GDP on schools, Manitoba would become renowned as the province that achieved the best results.

The Secret’s Out

A major American health insurer is now giving its customers much more information, data that will help consumers make intelligent healthcare decisions. Aetna recently added a new feature to their website, allowing members access to prices of services provided and care-quality information of health care officials.