Year: 2008

Featured News

Transformers: More than Meets the Eye

The path to net zero, based on the much disputed belief that carbon dioxide is a pollution, is more steep and impractical than most people realize. Replacing fossil fuels with clean electricity will require much more power generation and a greatly upgraded grid to...

Stimulus You Can Believe In

We know that stimulus can generally come in two forms, direct government spending or tax reform. We also know that spending, especially well-thought-out and appropriate spending on infrastructure, takes time to plan and even more time to implement.

Food For Thought

Many people think that Canada’s high standing on the recent PISA tests means that Canadian students are doing well academically. But there is more to this story than meets the eye. In fact, the PISA tests say nothing about advanced academic learning – like, say, the ability to read sophisticated text or explain E=MC2. Rather, the tests measure how well students can use very simple arithmetic and literacy skills to solve everyday problems.

Moving on Through Hayek

Hayek’s insights into the reasons for government failure remain as relevant to economic and social policymaking today as they were to exposing the catastrophic defects inherent in socialist central planning more than half a century ago. His ideas do not provide ready-made solutions for economic and social problems. But they do offer basic principles to help us set realistic policies and to cope with the difficulties inherent in creating institutions and regulations that will achieve their objectives.

Tax Cuts, Tax Cuts, Tax Cuts

The Canada West Foundation (CWF) has canvassed 25 leading economists from the four westernmost provinces and created a report called Taking Action on the Economy, a compendium of thoughts on the right way for the federal government to design an economic stimulus...