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Global Cooling Underway

Charticle, Environment, Frontier Centre

SUMMARY: The above graphs obtained from research scientist and meteorologist Dr. Roy Spencer at the University of Alabama in Huntsville show the fluctuations in global temperatures that have occurred since 1979. Both show no significant warming as predicted by the …

Manitoba Hydro: Worst Transparency in Canada

Blog, Energy, Frontier Centre

Annual reports are an essential tool in the public’s ability to analyze companies performance. This charticle demonstrates the transparency of Canadian energy companies based on public access to their annual report data online.  This simple analysis of the transparency of …

Canadian Property Rights Index

Blog, Property Rights, Joseph Quesnel

Property rights are fundamental to the prosperity of any economy. Without predictable and enforceable property rights, individuals and businesses cannot receive a return on economic activity. Property rights are also strongly correlated to GDP per capita and foreign direct investment …