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Weaponizing the Law

The indictment of former U.S. president Donald Trump for crimes invented by his political opponents is the most egregious example yet seen of the weaponizing of the law. The United States is now full of examples. However, in Canada, we also see the law being...

On Today’s Tragedy in Connecticut

Today’s tragedy in Connecticut was horrific. But let’s take a moment to reflect. Peaceful human civilization is improbable, miraculous, and wonderful. The fact that a society has emerged in which most people can safely walk down the streets is utterly astonishing.

Frontier Expert Advisory Panel Member Passes Away

One of the most brilliant minds on urban land use planning policy, Owen McShane, has passed away. The Frontier Centre was fortunate to have him on its Expert Advisory Panel since its start in the late 1990s. Owen was a skeptic of grand government planning schemes and...